Hometown Sweethearts s/t - The first CD of all original material

Through CD Baby, you can purchase the CD itself, to be deliver to your front door lickety split.  You can also purchase the mp3's.  Check them out right here!

Hometown Sweethearts: Hometown Sweethearts

For Your Party - CD

Our second disk of unique renditions of popular musics. Includes All Night Long, Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Billy Jean, and a bunch more!


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Upcoming shows

  • Jun 2
    Crystal Corner Bar,  Madison
  • Jun 23
    Crystal Corner Bar,  Madison
  • Jul 1
    The Edgewater,  Madison
  • Jul 7
    High Noon Saloon,  Madison
  • Jul 28
    Crystal Corner Bar,  Madison

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