We had Hometown Sweethearts play at our wedding in August and I cannot say enough about how great they were. I was nervous booking a band because almost every other wedding I have been to had a DJ so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Waylan assured me throughout that it was going to be great and that they are professional and I had nothing to worry about and they did not disappoint. I don't remember a single moment of the night when the dance floor was not full! They played all of the songs we requested and even learned a new one for us. We wanted a band at our wedding because we wanted it to stand out and it did. My guests raved about how much fun they had and how much they loved dancing to the band. One of my guests already booked them for their wedding and another who recently got engaged plans to do so too. Thank you Hometown Sweethearts for making our wedding memorable and so much fun!

Michael and Hilary O'Gara


We absolutely loved the Hometown Sweethearts and would recommend them to anyone! This band is awesome and totally worth the money! Although it's been 6 months since our wedding, people are still reminding us of the great time they had that night. They played so many great hits and everyone was dancing all night. Actually there was almost an "encore" when the lights came on at the reception hall as no one wanted to leave! We also loved that they learned two new songs for our special day.

Robert Braby April 14, 2012


The Hometown Sweethearts are the best band around and everyone at our reception told us so. Playing an eclectic mix of songs, they are truly like no other. Whitney and Kyle Jacobson March 20, 2012


"We'd been fans of the Hometown Sweethearts for years, seeing them play around Madison, so having them play our wedding was a no-brainer. Our reception was about 200 people and they all absolutely loved the show. The Hometown Sweethearts are talented musicians & entertainers who are extremely easy to work with, professional, friendly, funny, have their own light & sound equipment, and come ready to rock with music everybody knows & loves. Frankly, I cannot think of a way to have a more helpful and lively way to have music at a reception."

Bob Plankers & Elizabeth Vermedahl March 19, 2012

The Hometown Sweethearts absolutely made our reception. Our guests were dancing from the moment they took the stage until the last note--and I mean really dancing. We considered having a DJ at first, since we wanted music that our guests knew and could really get into... But we also wanted something unique, and true entertainment, not just some speakers and lights. The HS were perfect for what we were looking for. The guys know EVERY song that you didn't know that you knew--everything that they play is fun, unique, and totally danceable. And they are SO fantastic at reading the crowd and keeping people on the floor! I think the biggest testament to their talent is that such a wide range of our guests had fun with them--from the little kids to the grandmas, and everyone in between. Even Uncle Mike, who fancies himself a bit of a music connoisseur, was thoroughly impressed. If I were to plan my wedding over again, the very first thing I would do is book the Hometown Sweethearts. Our friends are still asking us about the band and we STILL get compliments on how much fun the reception was--three years later.
With rain threatening on a cool Tuesday evening in September, the Hometown Sweethearts really shouldn't be packing in a crowd at the Crystal Corner Bar with covers of Neil Diamond's 'Forever in Blue Jeans,' Duran Duran's 'Rio' and Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades.' The weekend's over, the downtown streets are deserted, and both working folk and college students should be conserving their vital juices for real-world obligations. But that doesn't matter to the Hometown Sweethearts' dedicated fans, many of whom knock off from jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry just in time for the band's second set. They come every Tuesday night to sing along with Waylan (Daniel) as he runs through the hits of the last five decades with support from Cashbox Kings bass player Chris Boeger and busy session drummer Scott Beardsley. It's like summer camp with beer and mixed drinks, and the shaggy-haired, mutton-chopped Palan is the coolest guitar-strumming counselor ever. Little wonder that by 11 p.m. the chattering crowd at the Crystal still fills every seat in the bar and spills out on the impromptu dance floor. ... You can tell Nate Palan's inspired down at the Crystal when he gallops into another cover tune with the Hometown Sweethearts. Barely pausing to take a breath, he'll go from a Franz Ferdinand request to a rapid fire take on Billy Idol's 'DancingWith Myself' to a popular sing-along of Gnarls Barkley's irresistible soul update 'Crazy' that pits his own on-pitch falsetto against the audience's less reliable keening. Everything is danceable, and half the crowd tries to sing and dance at the same time. The Sweethearts' covers aren't the plastic, by-the-note run-throughs you get from a venal hotel lounge act. The threesome try to stick to the songs' original arrangements, but with just two formal practices under their belts in four years, some songs are basically the recognizable hook between more amorphous dance grooves. Which is fine. The three Sweethearts love these old and new hits enough not to deaden their re-creations with mechanical musicianship. To put it another way, they have fun with the soundtrack of your life. As Palan flails away at his big, black acoustic, a wry smile often plays over his lips. Yes, he wants to put over an engaging, likable performance. On the other hand, some of the cheese factor he celebrates at holiday time with the thoroughly sardonic Magic Elves seeps over into the 100-plus songs that the Hometown Sweethearts cover.
Many of those ubiquitous songs of the past few decades are now a little more ubiquitous thanks to local cover band Hometown Sweethearts, who’ve played everywhere from its regular Tuesday-night gig at Crystal Corner to the Old Fashioned. Now your very own home can be Anybar as well, thanks to the Sweethearts’ new CD, A Shower Of Golden Hits!, which includes an R. Kelly song (“Ignition”) and a Tom Waits song (“I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”). The Sweethearts’ bouncy versions recall the fun of the original songs without being too literal, which is fitting—who wants to hear a bar band do it dead serious?

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